"Romeu & Julieta"
Romeo & Juliet 
Contraceptive Methods: 
Birth Control Pills and Male Condoms

Packaging Course at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Completed in 12 weeks in 2011 together with Evandro Perondi.
Simone Uriartt: Research, Branding, Paper Packaging and Information Graphics
Evandro Perondi: Research, 3D models, Material Selection and Prototype
Family planning is an important issue that concerns early adolescents from all social classes, especially women. Emphasizing on Brazilian female market, specifically between 15 and 24 years old, Romeo & Juliet are products that combined increase independence and autonomy of these young women. Thus, they can enjoy life safely and invest in achieving their dreams. Juliet is a dispenser of contraceptive pills with display that shows the current day of the week helping to control the pills. Romeo comes with three detachable male condoms. The material was chosen to be resistant to damage in purse transportation. 
Material: polypropylene  / Printing: in mold label
IInfographic warns about the risk of pregnancy if forgotten, the highest risk is in the first week.
Regular package contains dispenser and blister with 21 pills. Economy package version contains three blisters.
Material: polypropylene  / Printing: in mold label and adhesive
Instructions are hidden by the main label.
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