Kid Connections 
Toys for Our World's Little Citizens

Toy Concept Assignment. Design Studio 6 at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Completed in 12 weeks in 2013 together with Caitlin Bauman, Minkyung Kim.

Caitlin Bauman: Book Illustration and Layout and Bookbinding
Minkyung Kim: Toy 3D Models and Material Selection
Simone Uriartt: Branding, Packaging 3D Model and Website

Along with an illustrated book and a toy, Kid Connections offers your child a chance to share with kids around the world. Fill the enclosed empty box with a toy of your own and watch it reach a community in need. Follow your package online and meet new friends. See the kind of difference one small gesture can make! Our Toy inspires your child to share, using play to change lives.
Concept & Personas
Logo concept: one community under the sun
Kid Connections presents Greedy Bird.
Illustrated Book in Watercolour
Toy Features: magnets and little bells inside the body piece.
The post-market box should be registered before sending away.
Packaging Material: molded paper pulp.
The package contains a post market box to send a toy to a child in need.
Extended Line Products: Team Bee and Goofy Monsters
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