"Adoção Tardia"
Age does not Matter for Affection

Course Graduation Project at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Completed in 40 weeks in 2014 with contribuition of Mariana Yatsuda Ikuta (illustrations).

Branding; Research; Photography; Sound Recording; Video Production, Edition and Animation;

According to the Brazilian National Justice Council (2014), there were 28,151 applicants registered at the National Adoption List and 5,281 children and adolescents eligible for adoption, thereby indicating a mismatch between the number of families ready to receive a child in relation to the number of children and adolescents eligible for adoption. The difficulty of guaranteeing the right to family and community life for these children and adolescents led to the development of visual design project to raise awareness among adoption applicants to enlarge their desired child’s profile - older child adoption (+2 years old).
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